Riverside Primary | Sports Premium



Riverside Primary Academy will receive £16,985 sports premium for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.

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SPORTS GRANT 2017-2018






As part of the Governments sports funding initiative, Riverside Primary Academy will receive £9075.  This funding will be paid in two instalments.

  • £5183 in November 2016
  • £3892 in May 2017


The sports funding in 2016 – 2017 will be used to employ a part-time sports assistant who is a qualified sports coach. Additional funding from the school budget will be used to supplement the sports funding. The sports assistant is utilised throughout the school and has the following responsibilities and duties:


  • To provide new and different sports clubs, as part of our wrap around provision, which engage more pupils in afterschool activities.
  • To coach and upskill teaching staff as part of their professional development for Physical Education from Nursery to Year 6.
  • To support the teaching and learning of sports and Physical Education.
  • To facilitate and organise sports competitions with local schools.
  • To provide sports activities and games for pupils during lunch time and break times to increase pupil engagement in sport and increase physical activity.
  • Throughout all of this work promoting confidence, resilience and teamwork with our pupils.
  • Development of sports leadership to ensure the continuous provision of sports.



Teaching staff will use their new skills to continue to promote sports and physical activity in teaching and use their increased knowledge from coaching CPD to improve the quality of teaching.

A greater number of pupils will have increased confidence and improved ability in sporting skills; pupils will be able to transfer these skills to other sports and curriculum areas.



Riverside Primary Academy Additional Sports Funding 2015 – 2016



As part of the Governments sports funding initiative, Riverside Primary Academy will receive £8825.  This funding will be paid in two instalments.


There is a planned carry forward of £1127.


Intended Spend for 2015 – 2016 is as follows:

  • £5000 will be spent on Peak Sports teaching which includes CPD for teaching staff.


  • £250 will be spent on cricket coaching from Durham Cricket Board which includes CPD for staff.  It is anticipated that pupil participation in cricket events will increase and their skill and ability within cricket will be developed to a much higher level.  Two KS2 classes will benefit from this coaching.


  • £2984 will be used to access a range of specialist sporting facilities in the local area.  This will increase the variety of new sporting opportunities for our pupils and develop a range of new skills.


  • Apprentice teaching assistant Cost budgeted in last year’s grant*.


  • £1127 carry forward will be supplemented by the school reserves this academic year (agreed by the governors).  This gives the school a total of £12627 to be spent on permanent sports equipment within the school grounds.




Riverside Primary Academy Additional Sports Funding 2014-2015


As part of the Governments sports funding initiative, Riverside Primary Academy received £8760.


The funds were devolved as follows:

  • £865 has been allocated to take part in the local School Sports Partnership.
  • £1225 will be allocated to enhancing the school’s sports resources
  • £550 has been allocated to create a netball area/court including markings and sockets for hoops and nets.
  • £4950 has been allocated to employ an apprentice (employment begins in September 2015*).




  • The induction into the School Sports Partnership (Gold Level) was a great success. It has enabled the children to experience competitive sporting situations and develop their skills and confidence in applying them. As a result of this, we participated in netball (Year 5/6), tag rugby (Year 5/6), hockey (Year 3) and football (Year 4, 5 and 6) tournaments, as well as a Year 2 multi-skills event. In comparison to last year this is a large increase and progress was evident during the lead-up to the events and the events themselves as it gave pupils’ a sense of purpose and team-work.


  • The investment in sporting resources has allowed an increase in the amount of equipment and as a result pupils are now able to spend more time practising skills during P.E. lessons. As they are now able to spend more time developing their skills, they are achieving higher levels of attainment in lessons.


  • The development of a netball court has allowed pupils to develop their skills in game situations and to practise their shooting in a variety of ways. This has also allowed pupils opportunities to further develop during lunch time and golden time clubs run by Miss Smith. Consequently, they were able to enter a tournament and received a special mention for playing netball with a higher level of skill and knowledge compared to other teams.



Participation in Competitive Sport

During the Academic year 2014 – 2015, 37 pupils took part in competitive sport. Some of these pupils took part in more than 1 competition.


Participation in Non-Competitive Sport

16 pupils took part in playtime and lunchtime Tag rugby Club

12 Pupils took part in afterschool Gymnastic Club

12 pupils took part in afterschool Football Club

20 pupils took part in playtime and lunchtime Netball Club.



There is a planned carry forward of £1127



Riverside Primary Academy Additional Sports Funding 2013 – 2014


Our academy was allocated £5329 during the academic year 2013-14. We have a duty to spend this money wisely in a way that enhances the long term provision for Physical Education/sport and increases the activity levels of children within our school.


We have spent our funding as follows:


£3960 To send an additional class to swimming lessons for the   entire year. This increases activity lessons, it also gives the children a   skill for life and it gives them the opportunity to learn to swim for   enjoyment in the hope that they will continue swimming through their adult   life. Cost of lessons and staffing overtime.
£1089 On site training and coaching in the latter half of the   year for the children to take part in but for the staff to learn from. The   aim must be to train the adults in school to become skilled in areas within   sport so that they can continue to provide the skills long after the funding   has gone.
£280 Release time to allow Mr Brown the opportunity to monitor   the effectiveness of our spending on sport within school, and make plans for   the development of sport in the future.