Riverside Primary Academy | Sports Day 2024

Sports Day 2024

19 Jun Sports Day 2024

First of all, the staff at Riverside would like to thank all of the family and friends that came to support the children from Reception up to Year 6 today. All of the children have had great fun competing against the house teams in their classes. (Green = Jupiter. Red = Mars. Yellow = Saturn. Blue = Neptune.)

The results are as follows…

Whole school:

1st Saturn 141 points

2nd joint Mars and Neptune 137 points

3rd Jupiter 136 points


Morning Sports Day (Reception and KS1): 1st Saturn 68 points; 2nd joint Mars and Jupiter 63 points; 3rd Neptune 57 points

Afternoon Sports Day (KS2): 1st Neptune 80 points; 2nd Mars 74 points; 3rd joint Jupiter and Saturn 73 points


Reception A: 1st Saturn; 2nd joint Mars and Neptune; 3rd Jupiter

Reception B: 1st Mars; 2nd Jupiter; 3rd Neptune; 4th Saturn

Year 1: 1st Jupiter; 2nd joint Mars and Saturn; 3rd Neptune

Year 1-2: 1st Jupiter; 2nd Mars; 3rd Saturn; 4th Neptune

Year 2: 1st Saturn; 2nd Neptune; 3rd joint Jupiter and Mars

Year 3: 1st joint Saturn and Neptune; 2nd Mars; 3rd Jupiter

Year 4: 1st Neptune; 2nd Mars; 3rd Saturn; 4th Jupiter

Year 5A: 1st Neptune; 2nd Saturn; 3rd Jupiter; 4th Mars

Year 5B: 1st Jupiter; 2nd Mars; 3rd Neptune; 4th Saturn

Year 6: 1st Jupiter; 2nd Mars; 3rd Saturn; 4th Neptune


Photos of the fun to follow!

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