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Well-being Wednesdays

25 Jan Well-being Wednesdays

Well-being Wednesdays

We are so proud of all the children for their amazing attitude towards their home-learning so far. They have been absolutely brilliant! However, we are aware all of this work is meaning the children are having to spend a lot of time in front of screens each day. So, we have decided to introduce ‘Well-being Wednesdays’ to try to get everyone away from their screens and to help the mental health and happiness of our lovely pupils.  

Every Wednesday afternoon, there will be no work set on Purple Mash. Instead, we would like the children to choose an activity of their choice, away from a screen, which helps them to relax and feel happy! This could be going for a walk outdoors, painting, baking, building dens, crafts…the choice is yours! If you would like more ideas, take a look through the photographs below.  

We really hope you will all enjoy this relaxing screen-free afternoon each week!



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