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Welcome To Our Nursery.


To apply for a place at our nursery you can access the application form below.  You can either hand in the completed form at our school office or post it to:

Riverside Primary Academy

Colliery Road



Tyne and Wear

NE11 9DX


Nursery Admissions Application Form

Nursery Admissions Policy


To arrange a visits to our nursery please contact the school office.




Tel: 0191 460 1918


Nursery Induction Booklet


About Our Nursery


At Riverside Primary Academy nursery our aim is to offer a caring, relaxed and happy environment. We want children to enjoy being with us and treasure their time in nursery; their first experience of school.

This booklet provides a basic introduction to the nursery. I am sure that there will be many questions you would like to ask and also many things you would like to see.

Before your child attends nursery it is important that you attend any meetings arranged so you can meet the staff and become familiar with procedure.

We look forward to meeting you.


Settling Into Nursery

The time for settling into nursery depends on the individual child.  The staff will arrange a series of visits, beginning with 1 hour sessions, leading to 2 hour sessions, then finally the full session.  Parents accompany their children for at least the first session and we have flexible arrangements as to whether the parents separate from the child for part or whole of those sessions.  Depending upon how your child settles in, staff will discuss the settling in process with parents / carers to ensure the best outcomes.



We encourage our pupils to wear school uniform in Nursery. Please send your child to nursery in clothes that are comfortable and manageable. We often have messy activities in nursery, and although children do wear aprons, we cannot guarantee your child will remain clean.

We encourage children to be as independent as possible in taking off and putting on shoes and socks and coats, so practise at home would be a great help.

We also encourage children to go to the toilet independently, so practising this would also be a great help. Accidents do of course happen as young children often leave going to the toilet to the last minute, therefore, it would be helpful if their clothes are easy for them to deal with.

Therefore in the event of this type of accident happening, please leave a spare set of clothing at nursery.  Clothes must be labelled with child’s name to avoid mix-ups.

Nursery pupils go outside daily and will always need appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear. They will need warm outdoor coats for the winter and showerproof jackets for the spring and summer.


Snack Time

During each session a snack and drink will be provided.   While fruit and milk are provided free of charge, we like to offer alternatives, therefore we ask parents to contribute 50p per week. This money will also fund other resources to enhance your child’s learning experiences in nursery. Please hand your donation to the staff member at the door


Learning In The Nursery

Much of the time in nursery, your child will be engaged in self- chosen play activities, which support the Early Years Foundation Stage.

There are also large and small group activities, led by an adult. All activities take place indoors and outdoors in all weathers. The curriculum is planned in response to children’s interests and individual needs following Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines.


Safeguarding Your Children

If the usual adult will not be able to pick your child up from nursery, please let us know, either when your child arrives or by phone during the session.


Please make sure we know of any allergies or medical problems your child has before they begin attending nursery.


Remember starting nursery can be tiring in every way and your child may well not want to talk about it. We hope your child will enjoy his/her time in Nursery as we, both parents and staff, work together to provide a safe, secure and stimulating place to learn and grow.



Every Tuesday and Wednesday, a Toddler group is held in the community room at Riverside Primary Academy. The Toddler group use many of our school facilities including the soft play area and outdoor toys.

All are welcome to a dual-purpose morning; fun for the children and a chance for Mums, Dads and carers to socialise.

Time: 9.30am – 11.00am.      Cost: £1.00 per session. No Booking Necessary.