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Life in our Nursery


Every day in our nursery is different but we structure it so that our children know what to expect and can settle in comfortably and are prepared for a normal school day.

Nursery children playing with plastic ducks in a muddy puddle


The nursery day is split into two sessions for the morning and the afternoon. Each session is structured in a similar way so those children who are only here for afternoons or mornings get the same experience as those who are with us for the whole day.


Nursery children playing with a water tray

We begin with a welcome group where we sing about counting and days of the week. We talk about some of the first letters and also discuss the weather and some things that our children may have noticed on the way into school. We then move onto a focus where we might be learning a song, or talking about a topic to help develop the language, speaking and listening skills of our children. Then we have a short period where children can choose their activity. The activities are adjusted based on the interests of the child and the topics they are learning.




Maths Area Reading Area


We then have a snack time where children have a choice of fruits and vegetables and water or milk. During snack time we might have a show and tell session if a child has brought in something to show or we might have a story. After snack time we go outside and we go out in all sorts of weathers.






Nursery children playing in the rain with umbrellas


The nursery out door space is divided from the main school yard but the nursery children may well be outside while the rest of the school is there too. This allows them to be exposed to the noise of the yard and see older siblings and friends. When the school yard is empty, we get out the bikes, scooters and prams.


Nursery Children Playing on a see saw


During this outdoor time we will take the opportunity to do some focus time with some of our children where they work with an adult on a task designed to help them learn. At the end of the session, they will then come back to the carpet for a story before they leave to go home.


The children have lots of opportunities to be part of the wider school community and take part in the Early Years nativity, our dance festival and sports day. The reception teachers are regularly in the nursery so the children will get to know them from an early stage. This goes a long way to helping them transition to reception classes and the children who are part of our school nursery settle into reception very quickly. Children who are in full days in our nursery have their lunch in the school hall.

Nursery children drawing on a chalkboard


Throughout the year we have ‘Stay & Play’ sessions where a parent or grandparent can come into the nursery and take part in some of the activities that children can do throughout their days. We also have visits from the Library Lady who brings our book trust books and reads stories and we have a creature workshop where out children get to meet an array of unusual creatures.


Nursery Child meeting a skink


All of this being said, we do like to take opportunities when we get them so if we can, we like to bake and cook soup, if it snows we will go out and play in it and then we might even have some hot chocolate afterwards to warm up! Oh and the big man comes to visit too!


Nursery Child with Santa and his Elf


If you would like to come and visit our nursery and have a look around, we would love to welcome you. You can contact the school office to arrange this on



Tel: 0191 460 1918