Riverside Primary Academy | Proposed Class Allocation – Year 3a

Proposed Class Allocation – Year 3a

14 Jul Proposed Class Allocation – Year 3a

Dear Parent/Carer.

As you may be aware, our school population is growing and we have increasing numbers of younger pupils attending our academy.   Next year there will be approximately 46 pupils in Year 3.

The academy will be providing smaller class sizes and bigger adult to pupil ratios for these pupils.

This year, there will be two Year 3 classes, which have been created with a mix of ability throughout each class. The two classes will be:

  • Y3a – Miss Heron
  • Y3b – Miss Newby

 The proposed class for your child is: Y3a – Miss Heron

A list of pupils in this class is printed below.

If you have any concerns, queries or questions, please contact the school office on 0191 460 1918 or by email to info@riversideprimaryacademy.org.uk and our Key Stage One staff will be happy to discuss this with you.


Key Stage Two Team

Honey A
Abdullah A
Henry A
Jack B
Emily B
Jake B
Izabella C
Faye D
Malachy G
Samarth G
Amber-Mae G
Ileana H
Ayah H
Yusuff H
Logan J
Amy L
Jacob M
Vinnie N
Leighton O
Lucy O
Madhuriya P
Madumita P
Alexis R
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