Riverside Primary Academy | Behaviour and Discipline

Behaviour and Discipline Policy


Mission Statement


At Riverside Primary Academy we provide a broad, balanced, stimulating and challenging curriculum in partnership with the wider community, in a caring, safe and vibrant environment. Every person will have the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential, independence, self-discipline and positive self-esteem.




This policy is a statement of the principles, aims and strategies for the management of behaviour.  It is intended to act as a reference point and to inform teachers, parents/carers, governors, LA officers and inspectors.


The policy was reviewed in September 2019 through a process of consultation with teachers, non-teaching staff, pupils, governors and parents/carers. It is reviewed by the curriculum governors annually.




We believe that the ethos of the school is central to creating an environment, which allows all pupils to develop and maintain high standards of behaviour and academic achievement.  The quality of relationships throughout the school is of the utmost importance because it:-


  • Enables teachers to teach effectively
  • Enables pupils to learn
  • Supports positive self-esteem for all
  • Provides a harmonious atmosphere
  • Is accepted and required in the wider society



View our full behaviour and discipline policy here.