Riverside Primary Academy | Inclusion





At Riverside Primary Academy we have flexible admission for Nursery pupils.  New pupils (and parents) are invited to attend Nursery gradually for a number of  sessions to familiarise themselves with the staff and the setting.  Our staff can arrange admission to meet the specific needs of pupils.  Our procedures in Reception are similar to that for Nursery.


For pupils who come to our school mid year we make every effort to ensure that transfer details and information are received from other schools.  Transition meetings between parties are held to accommodate any individuals with specific needs.   (Please see Special Educational Needs Report)


Inclusive Ethos


Throughout our school Dyslexia friendly teaching approaches are embedded in all classrooms to benefit all of our pupils.  Our staff are trained on autism  and attachment disorder.  We also host regular training to update staff on the needs of pupils and appropriate methods of delivering the curriculum.  We invest in appropriate resources to accommodate the individual needs of pupils which is in line with our School’s inclusive ethos.




Any facilities required for SEN pupils are considered with a range of agencies and professionals who work alongside the individuals.  We adapt to ensure inclusion for all pupils.




At Riverside Primary Academy we have an Accessibility Plan in place.   The plan, which is adapted by the Governing Body, is compliant with paragraph 3 of schedule 10 of the Equality Act 2010.


If you require any further information about inclusion, admissions and accessibility  or would like to request copies of our policies,  please contact the school.