Riverside Primary Academy | Raising Pupil Aspirations

Raising Pupil Aspirations

Our core purpose in our academy is to educate your children to the highest possible level in an environment which allows them to thrive academically and emotionally. Children understand our expectations clearly and have them modelled by our staff. In assemblies we discuss life after school and visualise our lives as they might be in the future. We have visitors in Year 6 to explain to the children what life at university is all about; how they study the subject of their choice, how they develop their own passion, how they learn to live life on their own. We explain to the children how bursaries are available to financially support families who might require them and show them how university and high ambitions are indeed an option available to them. As part of our Year 6 work, we follow a ‘Students into Schools’ project in which students from a local university work with our pupils in our school and then the children spend a day as an apprentice student in the university.


Our Year 6 children take part in workshops where a wide range of workers provide activities then question and answer sessions for our children. They therefore experience what it would be like to work as a car mechanic, a scientist, an office administrator for example, and other jobs.


Our ultimate aim is for the children to aim high, challenge themselves to reach their best and follow their dreams. Our children know that they are in control of their own future.