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Members & Governors


Our Governing Body would like to welcome you to our academy.


The governors regularly make visits to the school and would like to hear your thoughts and opinions.  If you have any suggestions on how we can make our school the best it can be, please leave your comments in the suggestions box located in the school’s main entrance.


As our school is an Academy, we have Members and Governors.





Mr E Nichols (Appointed 14th September 2017)


Mrs J Mowbray (Appointed 29th November 2018)


Mr B Lovell (Appointed 29th November 2018)




Mrs  J Earl – Chair of Governors (Appointed 22nd November 2018)


Mr P Marshall – Vice Chair of Governors (Appointed 20th November 2019)


Mr J McGowan- School Governor (Appointed 1st July 2016)


Mrs E Fearon – School Governor (Appointed 8th December 2015)


Mrs C Freemantle – School Governor (Appointed 1st May 2019)


Mrs J M Goodfellow – Headteacher & Governor (Appointed 1st July 2016)


Miss L Smith – Deputy Headteacher & Governor (Appointed 1st July 2016)


Mrs G Rutherford- Business Manager & Governor (Appointed 1st July 2016)


Mr R Purser – Co-opted Governor (Appointed 5th July 2018)


Dr B Groen – Parent Governor (Appointed 19th March 2019)


Mr P Tomlinson – School Governor (Resigned 9th October 2018)


Mrs L Robinson – School Governor (Resigned 19th March 2019)


Mrs F Brown – Parent Governor (Resigned 19th March 2019)


Members & Governors Information

Our Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school.

The following document outlines our:


– Governance Arrangement’s,

– Constitution of Governing Body  and Terms of Office

– Members and governors Meetings

– Governing Body  Committee list



Click the following link to open the document.

Members and Governors updated Oct 2019


Funding Agreement

Funding Agreement Execution Copy



Articles of Association

Articles of Association – Riverside Primary Academy