Riverside Primary Academy | Partnerships



Our school is part of a Teaching School, which means we train qualified adults to become teachers. We also train student teachers from the Lobley Hill SCITT teacher training provider. Some of our staff train people at other schools in various aspects and our Leadership Team support other schools with weaknesses. As Headteacher, I inspect schools on behalf of Ofsted and sometimes support new Headteachers when they start in their new Headship role. We are not part of an academy chain, nor do we have a sponsor– we are a single converted academy.


Our school works as part of a cluster of neighbouring primary and secondary schools on a very regular basis. Our aim is to challenge each other to provide the best opportunities for the local children in Gateshead.


No school can ever work alone and achieve the best opportunities. For this reason we work with other professionals such as a very experienced drugs and substance abuse teacher who ensures all of our children are fully aware of the dangers of substance abuse and internet safety. We work very closely with the school nurse who provides puberty talks (with parental consent) for the older children to help them cope with their physical and emotional development. We work closely on transition when your son or daughter reaches the last class in our school and is ready to move on to the secondary school of their choice. This means that your child will be ready for the big move when it happens.


In some cases, families become very vulnerable for a period of time for a whole variety of reasons. Like all schools, we work hand in hand with the local safeguarding team, the community police and the social services to provide support for any of our children and families who need it.


These are only a few of our partnerships – there are many more professionals who work with us on a very regular basis. Click on the images below for more information.