Riverside Primary Academy | Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

A recent addition to our school grounds is our Outdoor Learning area that enables our children to experience the outdoors during their normal timetable.


Our dedicated fire pit area is used to teach our children about safety and outdoor cooking. We cook the fruit and vegetables that we grow around school, toast marshmallows and make hot drinks.

There is, naturally, a huge emphasis on working safely in our outdoor spaces so children learn to use tools and be around fire in a safe way.

We also have a composting area where we deposit our green waste and children are able to see how it can be re-used when growing new things.

Our mud kitchen area allows children to explore water and get their hands dirty.  They work cooperatively and explore the world around them.

We are always developing out outdoor space and our old caretaker's sink is due to become a washing area where we can bring history to life and show how we managed before washing machines and tumble dryers.

Our emphasis on using what we have around us and reusing as much as possible has led to the creation of our eco-greenhouse made from plastic bottles and recycled plastic.

We will fill this with seedlings and young plants as we support the science curriculum and learn about life cycles and how things grow.

Outdoor Learning is used in many areas of the curriculum and is used in all subjects and year groups.

Our outdoor space has room for den building and enjoying the space too. We love to take books outdoors on a lovely day too.

This part of our school is constantly evolving and growing. If you're walking past the lower part of our school field, be sure to have a look through the fence to see what is new.

In a separate area we have our wildlife garden with our overgrown pond. We love to see the frogspawn in the spring and the bugs and insects we see in this area.

We let this space grow a bit wild so our children can see the variety of life that a small area can host.