Riverside Primary Academy | Vision and Values

Vision & Values


Our school is one of support and challenge. We have an ethos in which all children are encouraged to succeed and reach their full potential, push the boundaries and challenge themselves to do even better. This includes children who are quiet by nature, lacking in confidence, in need of support to complete their classroom work and those who are at the other end of the scale and are highly self-motivated and confident. All children are supported to succeed.


At Riverside Primary Academy we believe that children can best achieve their potential when they are happy, content and well stimulated at school. We strongly believe that success stems from very good partnerships between home and school, shared information between us all and an open and honest relationship between all of those involved in caring for your children. We aim to work together to make your son or daughter’s experience at our school a very happy one.


We have a policy to employ the best possible staff with a wide variety of talents to enable your children to learn from some of the most successful adults in the profession. Our staff are all committed to the safety and welfare of the children in our care. We always ensure we have more than the required number of first aiders and child protection officers to ensure our safeguarding of your children is very high on our agenda.


We strive to ensure:

  • children enjoy their time in our school and want to come to school to learn
  • our curriculum is of the highest quality with real experiences regularly available so that children can learn for themselves and challenge stereotypes
  • our children take an active part in their own education and enjoy the challenge and high expectation offered
  • we provide a high quality education in all subjects to ensure all children are offered the opportunity to develop their passions and talents
  • we offer a weekly element of self-chosen learning which allows every girl and boy to explore their own area of interest
  • everyone feels safe, valued and respected
  • those children who are quiet or less confident get the academic and social support they require to thrive.
  • all children leave our school knowing that their education with us is part of the pathway to a successful adult life and the opportunity to go to a good university.