Riverside Primary Academy | Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum


The Creative Curriculum at Riverside Primary Academy is designed so that children will enjoy and engage in a variety of exciting learning opportunities.  Our dedicated staff strive to provide real experiences for our pupils and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their future.  Our skilled teaching staff and support staff are able to adapt the curriculum to meet the specific needs of pupils within their class.  If you would like to know more about the curriculum at Riverside Primary Academy, you could take a look at our topic webs for each year group (these can be found under the Curriculum drop down menu above) or  contact Miss Smith (Deputy Headteacher).


Educational Visits

Each term our pupils take part in an educational visit to enhance their learning experiences.  The visits are planned to be a vital part of our creative curriculum as they provide real hands-on experiences for all of our pupils.  Educational visits are usually the starting point for a new topic and give pupils the opportunity to grasp new ideas and concepts.   From this starting point, teaching staff continue to develop and build skills and knowledge in the school setting.


In addition to offsite educational visits we also have a range of visitors who come into school to teach or give specialised support in classes.  These visitors provide a range of curriculum expertise and opportunities for pupils to learn through workshops, music, drama and much more.


Key Stage 1 Phonics and Reading

Throughout our Early Years Foundation Stage our pupils are introduced to phonics and reading  through the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc. Scheme.   Pupils begin their school life by leaning speed sounds and the skill of blending sounds to be able to read words.  This scheme continues in to years 1 and 2 and caters for all our pupils at a level appropriate for their learning needs.