Riverside Primary Academy | Year 6 Make Spitfires from WW2

Year 6 Make Spitfires from WW2

05 Apr Year 6 Make Spitfires from WW2

Over the past two days, the children in Y6 have been creating clay Spitfires (one of the most famous aircrafts used in WW2). They learned lots of interesting facts along the way!
Such as:

  • The name Spitfire was taken from an old English word meaning someone of ‘strong’ or ‘fiery’ character
  • The names ‘Snipe’ and ‘Shrew’
  • were also considered for the plane
  • Over 20,000 Spitfires were built in total
  • The plane remained in production and active service until 1955
  • Many German pilots actually believed the Spitfire was better than their own planes
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