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Welcome Back!

28 Aug Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are looking forward to the children returning to school next Tuesday 1st September. Please familiarise yourselves with the arrangements below for drop-off and pick up times and the various access points for your child(ren)

Reminder of Gate Time & Access Points

We are continuing with staggered start and end times for our children throughout the day using the gates at the Wellington Road side of the school, which will be opened by staff to welcome the children onto the school premises.

Please make sure you arrive on time at your designated access point, queuing patiently until the gates are opened. Please also try to maintain appropriate social distancing as you wait.

Please note there will be no access to the front of school via the car park entrances.

We will review all procedures fortnightly to accommodate any changes to government guidance and school specific needs.

Below are the arrangements you need to know: (Please read in conjunction with the map below)

We realise that when you have children of varying ages, this staggered drop off and pick up is an inconvenience. Please bear with us for the first week while we observe the issues and try our best to resolve the difficulties for you. We might well be able to organise for you to collect all of your children at once within a week or so.

Breakfast & Tea Time Club

At this point is is still not possible to reintroduce our wrap-around childcare for next week. We hope to be able to resume this provision within the first few weeks back and we will of course inform you when this is available again. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

School Meals

School meals will resume on Tuesday and can be pre-ordered using your School Grid account now (children will be also be able to order in classroom each day as they did previously if they wish). Our school meal providers Dolce will be offering a hot or cold “Grab & Go” bag in replace of the usual school meals – You can view the menu on School Grid or by clicking here.

As always, if your child prefers to bring a packed lunch they can continue to do so. Please ensure you send a nutritional packed lunch and not a meal full of crisps, sausage rolls and biscuits because as a school, we are expected to ensure children eat well nutritionally and not just the food they prefer to eat. This can be brought to school in a normal packed lunch box and does not have to be disposable.

To allow us to observe the appropriate social distancing measures during lunchtime, all school meals and packed lunches will be consumed within each child’s own classroom. Children with packed lunches will be asked put any used wrappers, cartons, pots etc back into their packed lunch box and taken home to be disposed of, to prevent excessive amounts of waste in each classroom.

Water Bottles

The water fountains and water filling stations around school we will out of use to prevent overcrowding. Your child may bring a pre-filled water bottle with them each day to drink. Please do not send squash or fizzy drinks as these are not permitted in school.


Bags and book bags are not permitted in school initially. We appreciate that parent/carers may have already purchased such items and we hope to be able to reintroduce these later in the term. We will of course inform you of any update to this as soon as we have it. Packed lunch boxes or a small lunch bag will be acceptable.

PE Kits

PE lessons will be held on the days indicated below. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing their PE kit(*) on the appropriate day with effect from Tuesday:
  • Monday: Year 1, Year 1-2 and Year 2
  • Tuesday: EYFS*, Year 4a and Year 4b
  • Wednesday: EYFS*, Year 1 and Year 1-2
  • Thursday: Year 3b and Year 3a
  • Friday: Year 5 and Year 6

(*EYFS is Reception and Nursery) and are not required to wear PE kit initially. The EYFS team will inform you when this changes later in the year.

House colours:
Jupiter (Green)
Mars (Red)
Neptune (Blue)
Saturn (Yellow)
Everyone from Year 1 to Year 6 should be wearing the correct colour top. If you are unsure of your child’s house group, please let us know (via the school office).

What Does School Look Like Now?

The classrooms will not look too dissimilar to what the children are used to. Lockers and pegs will be reintroduced. Other things such as following the arrows on the floor, regular handwashing for 20 seconds and cleaning the washbasins and toilet areas regularly by children and by staff will also continue.

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Face Masks

There is no government requirement for primary school children to wear a face mask at this point.

School Office

There will be no visitors allowed in the main school office without a prior appointment. If you wish to speak to the office to make an appointment you can call on 0191 460 1918 between 9am-3.30pm, alternatively send an email to info@riversideprimaryacademy.org.uk which will be responded to as soon as possible.

Please enjoy the remaining few days of your holidays and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday

Best regards,

Julie Goodfellow


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