Riverside Primary Academy | WE NEED YOUR HELP! Come and Join the Fun

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Come and Join the Fun

17 Mar WE NEED YOUR HELP! Come and Join the Fun

Calling All Budding Artists, Writers and Magicians

All Riverside Primary Academy pupils from nursery to year 6 are taking part in a Magical Writing Project.  Some writing will be published in an anthology of work alongside pieces of writing from other schools and the local community.

We will be hosting some fun and interactive events in school so that family members and carers can take part.  We need your help in a range of Arts, Craft and Design activities.  Parents, carers, grandparents, older siblings, family members etc. are all welcome to take part in our school events.  You can sign up for the following events with your child’s class teacher.

Nursery              – Thursday 30th March 11:00am– Making Magic Potions

Nursery               – Thursday 30th March 2:30pm – Magic Potions

Reception           – Thursday 30th March 2:15pm – Design Your Own Magical or Mythical Creature

Year 1 and Year 1 / 2            – Friday 31st March 2:15pm   Magic Fairy Adventure – Design a Fairy, Wizard or Witch Door / Garden

Year 2                   – Friday 31st March – 2:15pm – Create An Item To Go In To A Magic Box  – Based on The Magic Box poem by Kit Wright

Year 3                 – Thursday 30th March 2:15pm – Fold a Story / Character Activity

Year 4                 – Friday 31st March 2:15pm  – Creating Magic Potions and Wands

Year 5                 – Thursday 30th March 2:00pm  – Create a Magical / Mythical Creature Based on Harry Potter

Year 6                 – Thursday 30th March 1:45pm  – Parents meet at school and take part in an Evacuation Role Play walking to Dunston Railway Station

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