Riverside Primary Academy | PE sessions 2021/22

PE sessions 2021/22

20 Jul PE sessions 2021/22

Next year, children will continue to wear their PE kits on the days they have PE. Please refer to the school uniform policy regarding clothing and wear sensible shoes. Football shirts and other sport clothing should not be worn. PE uniform

Nursery PE sessions: Friday (indoor and outdoor). Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for physical activities, including appropriate shoes.

Reception PE sessions: Thursday (indoor and outdoor). Your child will be allocated a house group before the September start date and their top should be in the relevant colour.

Year 1 PE sessions: Tuesday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor)

Year 1-2 PE sessions: Thursday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor)

Year 2 PE sessions: Monday (indoor) and Tuesday (outdoor)

Year 3 PE sessions: Monday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor)

Year 3-4 PE sessions: Friday (indoor) and Tuesday (outdoor)

Year 4 PE sessions: Tuesday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor)

Year 5a and 5b PE sessions: Wednesday (indoor) and Thursday (swimming). More information about swimming lessons will be sent out as soon as possible, but children will be walking there and back, so PE kit should be worn on Thursdays too.

Year 6 PE sessions: Thursday and Friday (indoor and outdoor)

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