Riverside Primary Academy | Story Homes Building Site, KS1 Trip

Story Homes Building Site, KS1 Trip

20 Apr Story Homes Building Site, KS1 Trip

We would all like to say a huge thank you to Story Homes and their team for three fabulous trips, KS1 have thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

We explored the building site looking at all the different materials used to build houses. The children were lucky enough to pick up and feel these materials, we learnt what they are and what they are used for within the homes from plastic piping underground to wooden beams in our rooves.  We saw several different types of homes such as semi detached and detached and the children loved find these as we went. We were able to get close up to huge machinery and find out what they are used for. Story Homes provided a lovely backpack for the children to keep including a treasure hunt.  Hunting for rubber ducks hidden all around the site as well as many other common building site objects was a great activity for the children, we were able to tick off all the items on our list and we can now name most of them on our own.

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