Riverside Primary Academy | Year 3 visit Segedunum!

Year 3 visit Segedunum!

19 Oct Year 3 visit Segedunum!

Today, Year 3 (Mrs Wall’s class) visited Segedunum. This links with the topic ‘The Romans’.

In the morning, they carried out tasks to show they could be Celts (Ancient Britons). They made bracelets from wool, crushed wheat to make flour, used willow to weave as they would have done to make houses and painted Celtic patterns onto their hands.

After lunch, we climbed a mountain of stairs to reach a viewing point to look at the Roman fort remains. Some said this was their favourite part!

On the afternoon, they then became Celtic enemies – Roman soldiers. They trained hard and passed a test to become a soldier for the next 25 years!

They all had a great time and were very well behaved.

I would also like to thank our parent volunteers who came along today. It is greatly appreciated and very much needed. If any other parents would like to volunteer for future school trips, please speak to class teachers or the office.

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