Riverside Primary Academy | Badge design competition 2021

Badge design competition 2021

14 May Badge design competition 2021

We would love as many children as possible to showcase their artistic talents and design a badge for the WOW activity tracker.

The design should be linked to climate change, so your job is to research and then draw an animal that you would like to protect by walking to school. (All information on the sheet that your child will be given if they have said they would like to take part.)

All entries need to be brought back to school by Tuesday 18th May.

Here are top tips for winning designs:

  • Be big, bold and colourful.
  • Diversity and originality are key – make your design stand out from the crowd.
  • Simple designs without small details work best as the badges are only 3cm.
  • Trademarks, logos and images of Strider (WOW mascot) will not qualify for the competition.
  • Winning designs will be digitally created, so pupils can use pencil, crayons or pens.


Good luck!

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